4 servings
20 Mins

Thai Cashew Chicken Fried Rice

With just a few ingredients and Success® Jasmine Rice, this restaurant-style chicken fried rice with a Thai twist is easy to make at home.

Aromatic Onion Rice with Basmati
4 servings
10 mins

Aromatic Onion Rice Pilaf

Aromatic Onion Rice Pilaf mixes our 10-minute Success® Basmati Rice with plenty of spices for an exceptionally bold, fragrant, delicious side dish.

Coconut Lime Rice with Basmati
2-4 servings
5 mins

Coconut Lime Rice

This Coconut Lime Rice dish is made with Success® Basmati Rice and pairs perfectly with stir-fried vegetables or a classic, spicy chicken curry.

Easy Smoked Sausage and White Rice Skillet with Broccoli
6 servings
20 mins

Easy Smoked Sausage and Rice Skillet

Try this Easy Smoked Sausage & Peppers Skillet recipe with our Success® White Rice, tasty sautéed peppers, onions, tomato sauce, and melted mozzarella.

Shrimp Alfredo with White Rice
4 servings

Shrimp Alfredo with Rice

Creamy alfredo sauce, shrimp, mushrooms, artichoke and Success® White Rice– a quick and easy weeknight dinner idea. Try it tonight!