60 minutes+

Bitter Chicken
4-6 servings
35 mins + 30 mins to marinate

Butter Chicken

This recipe for Butter Chicken is sure to become a staple in your weekly meal routine. Succulent chicken marinated in a sweet and creamy butter sauce and…

4 servings
25 min + 2 hrs to marinate

Filipino Chicken Adobo

Here’s an easy chicken recipe that’s guaranteed to delight the taste buds. Marinated with garlic, scallions and carefully selected herbs and spices, it’s…

cherried rice pudding
6 servings
45 min (+2 hrs cooling time)

Cherried Rice Pudding

Indulge in a delicious twist on classic rice pudding with our mouthwatering Cherried Rice Pudding recipe. It’s creamy, rich and delicious.

4-6 servings
4 hrs 10 mins

Crockpot Beef & Broccoli

Savor the delightful blend of succulent beef with fresh broccoli in this delicious crockpot recipe. Flavor for all the family!

4-6 servings
4 hrs 10 mins

Crockpot Chili with Sweet Potatoes

Warm up your taste buds with our delicious crockpot chili recipe featuring the perfect blend of all your favorite flavors!

25 minutes (plus 2 hours, 15 minutes)

Chocolate Rose Geranium Quinoa Mousse

Naturally sweetened with dates, this rich and creamy chocolate dessert is packed with nutritious ingredients.

6 servings
65 mins

Rice and Veggie Meatloaf

Loaded with spices, vegetables and complementing flavors, this Rice and Veggie Meatloaf recipe is also packed with simplicity.

4 servings
2 h 50 mins

Beef Massaman Curry

Beef Massaman Curry is a popular Thai dish that makes a hearty and delicious dinner. Make it in advance and store it in the freezer for busy weeknights.

6 servings
1 hr 25 mins

Mediterranean Eggplant, Turkey and Rice Casserole

This simple and satisfying layered eggplant, turkey and rice casserole is packed with Mediterranean flavors accented with tomato, garlic and rosemary.

6 servings
1hr 10 mins

Vegan Meatloaf with Brown Rice and BBQ Sauce

Glazed with barbecue sauce, learn how to make vegan meatloaf made with Success® Brown Rice, oatmeal, mushrooms and lentils.

Cran-raspberry quinoa rice pudding trifle
6 servings
30 mins (+ 45 mins cooling time)

Cran-Raspberry Quinoa Rice Pudding Trifle

This Cran-Raspberry Quinoa “Rice Pudding” Trifle combines fresh raspberries, vibrant cranberry sauce and orange with Success® Tri-Color Quinoa for a unique,…

6 servings
1 hr 5 mins

Turkey, Chickpea & Rice Tajine

Accented with warm spices and lemon, this lovely Moroccan-style dish is both fragrant and flavorful. Paired with our Success® Basmati Rice, it’s a complete…