The best street food recipes make eating at home as creative and colorful, fun and delicious as dining out. Simple, quick and budget-friendly, each is inspired by a dish that’s as popular with locals as it is with tourists, and is a staple of the cuisine its represents. 

From drippy, sizzling tacos to rice bowls layered with zingy, savory ingredients, these 25 recipes take Success® Rice into new territory that your family will love. If your tastebuds are longing for adventure, treat them to an international tour with the best street food recipes around. 

Southern Comfort

If thinking about street food has you craving tacos, start your culinary trek with recipes brimming with the type of sunny, spicy flavors found south of the border

Baked Vegetarian Taquitos 

Discover a whole new side to Success® Brown Rice with this simple, savory recipe. Baked, not fried, these taquitos satisfy without the guilt.

Mexican Grilled Corn Salad 

Inspired by esquites, this recipe combines everything you love about Mexican street corn with the fluffy, fragrant goodness of Success® Jasmine Rice.  

Cuban Shrimp & Rice Tacos

Make a stopover in Havana for these citrusy shrimp tacos. Packed with seasoned rice and beans, seafood, avocado and a flurry of toppings, this recipe is likely to enter your weekly rotation. 

Salsa Verde Chicken & Rice Walking Tacos 

Just like actual street food, this recipe was made to be enjoyed wherever your day takes you! A portable wonder, with chicken, guacamole and Success® Jasmine Rice, this dish puts tired turkey sandwiches to shame. 

Baja Fish Taco Bowl


A recipe that turns Success® Tri-Color Quinoa into a street-food star, this bowl is as hearty and nourishing as it is irresistible. If you’ve never turned an abundance of taco fillings into a tempting taco bowl, why wait any longer?

Asian Inspiration!

You can’t talk about the world’s best street food without landing in Asia, where ingredients and techniques, flavors and culinary traditions vary widely from country to country. Looking to break free from your ho-hum dinner routine? Let loose with one — or all! — of these incredible Success® Rice recipes. 

Vegetarian Pho Dinner Rice Bowl 

Inspired by Vietnamese noodle soup, this tofu dish is warming and fragrant, colorful and completely addictive. Perfect for vegetarians, this dish is also great any time of year. 

Shrimp Pad Thai with Jasmine Rice 

You’ve probably never had Thai stir-fry like this one! Here, we sub rice noodles for Success® Jasmine Rice, layer on plump shrimp, fresh herbs, veggies, and toss the whole lot in a savory blend of sauces. When every mouthful leaves you wanting more, you know you’ve got a mealtime megahit on your hands.

Nam Khao 

Popular at markets and street stalls, this fried rice salad from Laos should be on every cook’s radar! A dish that hits all the right notes — salty and spicy, herby, fresh and crisp — this dish is a knockout appetizer for any event. 

Kimchi Fried Rice Bowl with Fried Egg 

kimchi fried rice with fried egg

When time is short, this Korean-inspired rice dish makes quick work of getting dinner on the table — stat! Store-bought kimchi adds plenty of flavor, with eggs, vegetables and Success® Basmati Rice giving heft to every bite.

Curry in a Hurry

A 30-minute dish with an extravagant amount of flavor, this recipe is a quick spin on a complex Southeast Asian curry. Serve with raita, pappadum and Indian pickles for the full experience.

Curried Brown Rice Stuffed Avocado

When life gives you ripe avocados, these rice-stuffed boats are the obvious answer. A cute dish sure to appeal to little ones, this recipe also has subtle curry notes, pops of sweet grapes and the freshness of mint to ensure mature diners are just as happy. 

Caribbean Dreaming 

Breezy and bright, the best Caribbean street food has range — from simple to complex, spicy to sweet, fresh to fried — but is always entirely scrumptious. Bring a taste of the Caribbean to your home with these comforting recipes. 

Coconut Shrimp over Rice with Marmalade-Mustard Sauce 

Imported straight from your last vacation, this recipe features golden coconut shrimp and a sweet, tart sauce. Whether you eat it in your beachwear is entirely up to you.

Jerk Tempeh Rice 

Created with vegetarians in mind, this plant-based dish is perfect for everyone at the table. A quick stir-fry that comes together in less than 30 minutes, this one seduces thanks to its smoky, subtly spicy taste. 

Jerk Chicken Fried Rice 

Savor the best of two worlds with this Asian-Caribbean fried rice dish. Choose the jerk marinade that best suits your needs — whether you’re timid with heat, or like a forceful hit in each forkful. 

European Vacation

A continent that brings its A game to the street-food finals, Europe is known for pizza and pierogies, crêpes, pretzels, and much, much more. Beyond its rep for sophisticated dishes, this area has plenty of casual eats sure to satisfy. 

Suppli Italian Rice Balls 

Arancini’s Roman cousins, suppli are fried rice balls with a molten mozzarella core. Made with seasoned Success® White Rice, these crunchy little appetizers disappear faster than you can say “Buon Appetito”!

Italian Spinach Rice Balls

Kids will beg to eat their greens thanks to these crusty, golden morsels of street-food goodness. With plenty of cheese and a zippy hit of pesto, these won’t linger on your serving platter for long. 

Greek Chicken and Rice Salad

A dish that can stand alone or partner with other street-food staples — think souvlaki, gyros or pita with dip — this one marries Success® White Rice with a host of bright, bold Mediterranean ingredients. 

Mediterranean Chicken and Rice Pita Bowls


Served in crisp pita bowls, this chicken recipe feels as unique and fun as the best street food should be. Sure to surprise everyone at the table, this dish is a tasty combination of za’atar-spiked chicken, vegetables and pita, Success® White Rice and garlicky tahini sauce.

Lamb Kebabs 

Drizzled with tzatziki and served over aromatic Success® Basmati Rice, these lamb kebabs are a street-food staple transformed into a sophisticated dinnertime decision. With mint, cumin, coriander, paprika and more, every bite sings. 

All American

When it comes to the best American street foods, there’s no such thing as rules. On a list that jumps from towering burgers and velvety mac and cheese to nachos, ice creams peppered with add-ins and more, the catalogue of American-style street food has plenty of dishes sure to surprise and delight diners of every age.

Ultimate Meatless Burger

A modern take on an age-old favorite, this burger doesn’t need meat to be hearty, smoky, gooey and great. Trust us when we say, you’ve never had mushrooms, lentils and Success® Brown Rice quite like this before. 

Black Bean, Quinoa and Feta Burgers

If your local food truck sold these burgers, you’d be lining up on the daily! Made from a surprisingly delicious mix of Success® Tri-Color Quinoa, seasoned black beans, feta and walnuts, these burgers are comforting and super savory without an ounce of meat.  

Chicken and Kale Chimichangas 

Tex-Mex cuisine at its finest, this modern chimichanga is a refined version of a classic. A quick combo of Success® Tri-Color Quinoa, kale, chicken, green chilies and cheese, this recipe is also easily customizable for everyone at the table. 

Hawaiian Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl with Spicy Mayo 

It’s hard to find street food that’s as tempting as it is nutritious — but poke is it! For our take on the beloved Hawaiian dish, we combine sushi-grade tuna with a riot of delicious things — from fresh pineapple to furikake seasoning and fluffy Success® Jasmine Rice

Nashville Hot Cauliflower Rice Bowl 

Why should chicken get all the love? Fiery and filling, this rice bowl with Nashville hot cauliflower turns the street-food go-to into a delicious plant-based option. With quick pickles to temper the heat, this dish rivals the best of the best. 

Frozen Coconut Rice Pudding Ice Cream 

Frozen Coconut Rice Pudding Ice Cream

An amalgam of rice pudding and ice cream, this sweet novelty could cause a stir outside any ice cream truck! Instead, bring the party to your house with this no-churn frozen dessert bursting with tropical flavors.