Leftover basmati rice isn’t kitchen clutter, it’s an ingredient that leads to a world of delicious new dishes! Mostly grown in India and Pakistan, basmati rice is an aromatic variety that has slender long grains. Delicate and elegant when cooked, basmati rice also boasts a nutty aroma, similar to popcorn. 

You may have used it in a stir-fry or with curry, but basmati rice has range beyond these well-known uses. In appetizers, desserts and salads, and cuisines of every kind, this rice variety can be used in myriad fantastic ways! Learn the best way to reheat rice, and let your leftover basmati rice lead you somewhere delicious.  

Fried Rice Five Ways

When dinner needs to be on the table, stat, leftover rice is the best way to begin any fried rice recipe. Drier than freshly-made rice, day-old rice, including basmati, won’t clump or stick together and guarantees fried rice that’s light and firm, and beautifully able to carry any flavors you throw its way. 

Fried Rice with Ham and Pine Nuts

Toasted pine nuts give this fried rice a unique spin. With ham, egg and veggies, this hearty dish is a savory star that’s ready in just 20 minutes. 

Easy Shrimp Fried Rice

Use leftover basmati rice and launch right into this recipe without having to wait for rice to cook. Made with the quickest protein there is, this shrimp fried rice is a sure-fire weeknight star. 

Shrimply Fried Rice 

Better set the table before you start cooking! With leftover basmati rice, this recipe comes together in record time. 

Thai Cashew Chicken Fried Rice 


Thai chilies give this fried rice a peppy kick sure to attract attention. With fresh snap peas, juicy chicken and buttery cashews, this dish impresses, despite its painless prep.    

Jerk Chicken Fried Rice

A smattering of jerk marinade takes leftovers in a zippy new direction in this dish. When you find your fridge overflowing with last night’s basmati rice, cooked chicken, and veg, this recipe is the answer you seek. 

A Fresh Start for Leftover Basmati 

Reheated rice is comforting and delicious with saucy curries and warming stews. But the fun doesn’t stop there! Learn how to make a slew of scrumptious dishes — from party-worthy appetizers to irresistible sides — with these recipes.

Cheesy Italian Leftover Rice Bake

A perfect way to repurpose leftover cheese, meat and vegetables, this recipe also turns yesterday’s excess into today’s dinner! Gooey and rich, filling and family-friendly, this one is likely to become a household favorite.

Asian Rice Cups

Portable fried rice, this dish delights at snack time, lunch time, dinner time — and most every other time in between! Mixed together with a host of savory ingredients, leftover basmati rice takes on new life as a two-bite, handheld hunger crusher.

Italian Spinach Rice Balls 

Elegant enough to be a cocktail-hour snack, these vegetarian rice balls are also a fun weekend treat for the family. Customize with your favorite add-ins, and watch these golden, crusty morsels disappear.

Garden Stuffed Tomatoes

Stocked with cooled rice, you can jump right into this fresh recipe that screams summer-time garden party. No party? No problem! Simply invite the family to an al fresco feast of fresh vegetables and rice garnished in a delectable, herb-scented sauce. 

Summer Corn and Rice Salad 

Rice that has been cooled and stored correctly can safely be eaten the following day. Here, a simple mixture of corn, tomatoes, basil and tangy vinaigrette turns day-old rice into a fantastic picnic or barbecue side. 

Rice and Squash Breakfast Bowl 

Reheated basmati rice becomes a delicate base for roasted squash and poached eggs in this energizing breakfast dish. Save this one for the weekend and start your day like a gourmet. 

Divine Desserts

Dessert is for cooks with time to tinker, to babysit bubbling pots and to loll about waiting for buzzers to ding and heavenly aromas to permeate the kitchen. Or is it? When your sweet tooth demands satisfaction, rice pudding is the simple dessert you need! Made with leftover basmati rice, these sweets are more effortless to make than ever. 

Old Fashioned Baked Rice Pudding 

A dessert that practically cooks itself, this baked version of the classic is just as rich, creamy, warming and subtly spiced as its stove-top siblings. Skip the rice prep and repurpose leftover basmati rice into a dish that can easily appease 4-6 dessert fiends.  

Raspberry Rice Pudding Brûlée 

When the occasion calls for a fancier finale than usual, this recipe never disappoints. A luxe combo of creamy pudding and crackly, caramelized sugar, this recipe is simply stunning. 

Banana Kiwi Rice Pudding

A dish that does double duty, this tropical rice pudding makes a delicious dessert or elegant breakfast. Choose the ripest fruit for the sweetest results. 

Strawberry Shortcake Rice Pudding Parfaits 

Fresh and fruity, this rice pudding turns peak season strawberries into a summer-time gem. Equally delicious with blueberries, raspberries, and more, it’s a solid favorite throughout the year. 

Have leftover basmati rice on hand? Armed with these recipes and more, it’s hard to go wrong. Try these tasty ideas and, before you know it, you’ll be cooking  up plenty of extra Success® Basmati Rice to have at the ready for each and every one of these tempting dishes!