No matter what kind of dad you’re honoring this Father’s Day — from sporty to bookish, outgoing to reserved — lunch cooked by you is the one-size-fits-all gift guaranteed to wow! He may not need more socks but what dad does crave is a stress-free day packed with delicious bites, lively banter, and quality time spent with the people he loves. So, gather the family, or plan a leisurely one-on-one, and cook up a menu of scrumptious Success® Rice dishes this Father’s Day. Best part of all? You won’t have to return a thing. 

Party Starters!

For big groups, or small, few things say “party” like appetizers that grab everyone’s attention. This Father’s Day, leave the chips and dip at home, and surprise dad with extravagant nibbles brimming with flavor.

Spicy Seafood Salsa

Keep your cool with this crowd-pleasing, 15-minute appetizer! A saucy combo of crab and spicy salsa, with cilantro and lime, this starter is delicious over Success® boil-in-bag white rice, or eaten with chips as everyone mixes and mingles.

Seafood Rice Salad 

Perfect potluck fare, this zippy salad is an ideal addition to the menu at any family gathering. Loaded with dad’s favorite catch, plus a number of punchy add-ins, this just might win favorite bite of the day. 

Seafood Rice Salad

Tex Mex Zucchini Rice Latkes 

Made big or small, these zesty Success® boil-in-bag basmati rice cakes will disappear as fast as you can cook them! Loaded with seasoned vegetables, and topped with a flurry of nacho faves (think guacamole, pickled jalapeños, and more!) all these tasty bites need is a cool drink and sunny day to feel complete. 


Blue Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

True, not everyone goes in for blue cheese. If your dad is a fan, though, simply make him these savory mushrooms loaded with a blue-cheese-scented stuffing, and win top marks this Father’s Day. An elegant first-course for six (or 12, if doubled), these mushrooms are creamy, rich, and filling, thanks to Success® boil-in-bag whole grain brown rice and a host of tempting mix-ins.

blue cheese stuffed

Jalapeño Rice Poppers

Picture this: Dad lazing in a lounge chair with a cool drink by his side, and a platter of apples at arm’s reach. Now make that dream a reality! A vegetarian snack filled with cream cheese and Success® Basmati Rice, these peppery little poppers are easy to pull together for a crowd — if, that is, Dad is willing to share. 

Jalapeño Rice Poppers with cheese

Successful Crab and Rice Cakes 

Golden, crispy, deluxe, and easy to make? Try these crab cakes once, and you’ll be making them on repeat, not just for Father’s Day! With lump crab meat, Success® boil-in-bag whole grain brown rice, and a dab of bright lemon aioli, these novel little cakes make an elegant first course for any meal.

First-Rate Mains

Now that you have dad’s attention, keep it with a celebration-worthy entrée, cooked by you! Lean into luxury with a seafood dish dad will swear you hustled home from the restaurant down the street. Or, go for a simple fried rice dish made with juicy mushrooms and succulent strip loin steak.    

Paella de Mariscos

If dad is a seafood lover, there’s no greater gift than this treasure-filled dish, made with Success® boil-in-bag jasmine rice. Plus, with just four steps and a 30-minute cook time, it’s also a gift for the chef! Don’t think you can make paella? Here’s your chance to try. Not only will you impress everyone at the table, you’ll add a thrilling (and surprising!) new addition to your weekly recipe rotation.

Seafood Rice with Shrimp and Mussels 

Success® White Rice takes a Spanish turn in this sophisticated seafood dish. Stock up on briny bivalves, shrimp and chicken, and in 30 minutes you, dad and the family could be sitting down to this striking main course. 


Baked Stuffed Snapper

Don’t keep scrolling! Trust us when we say, anyone can make this dish. Armed with the right ingredients — including a whole, ocean-fresh red snapper — even novice cooks will find this recipe easy to follow, with spectacular results. Served alongside a simple salad or steamed vegetable, this light main course feels celebratory, summery, and just right for dad. 

Baked stuff snapper

Peppered Seared Tuna Poke and Rice 

Vibrant with oodles of tempting textures and tastes, this contemporary poke bowl is a dish that always surprises and delights. Casual but special, thanks to seared sushi-grade tuna, this one also counts on fluffy Success® White Rice, plenty of fresh veg, and nutty, rich poke sauce for its habit-forming qualities. Throw this together in just 20 minutes, and you’ll have time leftover to treat dad to dessert.

tuna poke bowl

Peppercorn Steak and Mushroom Fried Rice 

Serve dad a twist on the usual steak-and-potato meal with this fried rice that’s chockablock with mushrooms, seasoned steak and Success® Basmati Rice. Ready in 30 minutes, this dish will leave you plenty of time for socializing — and won’t smoke everyone out like last year’s barbecue!


Sweet Finales 

What’s the icing on the cake to any Father’s Day lunch? A delectable treat to sate dad’s sweet tooth. Whether you want to bake something stunning, serve an iced dessert to cool guests off, or fancy a nostalgic finale that will touch dad’s heartstrings, there’s a simple Success® Rice recipe sure to fit the bill. 

Cappuccino Rice Pudding 

Coffee fiends will find their nirvana in this java-jolted take on rice pudding. Sumptuous, thanks to chocolate pudding, whipped cream and Success® White Rice, this dish packs the punch of an afternoon caffeine fix into a creamy, sweet dessert. Double up on this one — there’s bound to be calls for seconds. 

Rice Apple Crisp 

Fruit crisp is a perennial favorite that dad, mom, nana, pops and the lot all likely love. Made here with apple pie filling, it’s also easily transformed with peaches, berries, or dad’s favorite fruit. Simply bake until the filling is gurgling and hot, and the top is crunchy, craggy, and ready to be topped with a bulky ball of top-quality vanilla ice cream. 

Rice Apple Crisp

Frozen Rice Pudding Coconut Ice Cream Recipe 

We’re willing to bet dad has never had a dessert like this before! Two treats in one, this frozen rice pudding, made with Success® Jasmine Rice, is tropical and fragrant, cool, creamy and guaranteed to hit the spot. Just be sure to plan ahead if making this treat, as it requires 4-6 hours to freeze properly. 

Frozen Coconut Rice Pudding Ice Cream

Bourbon Raisin and Basmati Rice Pudding

Cheers to dad with a dessert laced with his tipple of choice — bourbon! A heady combo of Success® Basmati Rice, cream, orange, raisins and bourbon, this strictly adult treat is the perfect precursor to an afternoon nap. For the kiddos, simply omit the bourbon-soaked raisins.

Bourbon Raisin and Basmati Rice Puddings