It’s a no-brainer to make chili on National Chili Day. Beyond that? With unique chili recipes that range from meaty to vegan, saucy to handheld and fiery to subtly smoky and sweet, where you take things from there is entirely up to you!

Easy One Pot Chili with Rice

A supremely satisfying dish (that doesn’t lead to loads of dishes!), this is the classic you want in your arsenal when chili season arrives. Savory beef and bacon add depth, while poblano pepper and chili powder give this dish the kick you crave. Served with Success® White Rice, and every topping in the book — from jalapeño slices and avocado to cheese, sour cream, and cilantro — this chili will easily disappear. 

Vegetarian Pumpkin Brown Rice Chili

When it comes to different chili recipes, this pumpkin-stuffed number always turns heads. Combined with plenty of traditional ingredients (think bell peppers, pinto beans and spices) pumpkin adds a dose of sweetness to this dish and ensures nobody at the table will miss the meat. Want to liven up meatless Monday (or Tuesday, or Wednesday…)? Grab the Success® Brown Rice, and have at it. 

Green Chicken Rice Chili

There’s chili for carnivores, and then there’s this fragrant, stylish take made with Success® Basmati Rice. One of our most interesting chili recipes, this one combines tomatillo salsa, chicken, white beans, and more into a fortifying bowl that’s as surprising as it is nourishing. Bust this one out for weeknight meals, tailgating, date night, or simply when winter’s grasp is so strong you need serious help thawing out.


Chili Rice Lettuce Cups

If you’re used to eating chili with a spoon, we’ve got quite the surprise for you! A fun chili recipe that works well for mealtime, snack time, party time — ok, anytime! — these lettuce cups stuffed with flavorful chili and Success® Brown Rice are a culinary touchdown. 

chili rice lettuce cups

Vegan Chili with Quinoa

Beyond what goes in the pot, creative chili recipes should also focus on what gets served on the side. Our Success® Tri-Color Quinoa makes a wholesome companion for this nutty, tangy, vegan chili. Garnished with all of your plant-based faves, this is comfort food that (thanks to fiber, protein, essential amino acids, calcium, and more!) just so happens to also pack a significant nutritional punch.

vegan chili with quinoa

Spicy Turkey Black Bean Chili with Brown Rice

Turkey is perfect in chili variations, like this cheap-and-cheerful recipe served with Success® Brown Rice. Lighter than beef, turkey is also great at soaking up every ounce of flavor from each ingredient, from a slew of spices and hearty black beans to sweet bell peppers and juicy tomatoes.  

spicy turkey

Crockpot Chili with Sweet Potatoes

Have 10 minutes to spare? Throw together this cozy, slow-cooked chili with Success® White Rice, then applaud yourself at dinnertime for your exceptional meal-planning skills. A vegetarian dish that ranks high among our favourite unique chili recipes, this one pairs nutrient-dense sweet potatoes with kidney beans, bell peppers and other classic chili ingredients. A dish that puts your crockpot — not you — to work, this is one you’ll turn to again and again.