There’s no denying that the best way to make flavorful, creamy risotto is to start with quality rice. A dish that can be as simple or as chichi as you like, risotto is like a (delicious!) blank canvas for all of your creativity. Begin the process with Success® Rice, and set yourself up for a weeknight meal to remember! 

Risotto 101 

Risotto on a weeknight? Stay with us. Sure, this classic Italian dish has a reputation — tedious, difficult, time-consuming — but substitute one of our no measure, no mess Success® Rice varieties and we promise you’ll rethink everything you’ve heard.  

A northern Italian dish, risotto is generally made with short-grain Arborio rice that’s cooked in broth low and slow until it’s silky and delectable. Classic risotto is generally made with butter, onion, white wine and a generous amount of Parmesan cheese.  

Of course, just like pasta, risotto can be flavored almost any way you like! From seafood and chicken risotto to variations made with mushrooms, tomatoes, peas, and more, there are endless ways to play with the classic.  

Italian Flavors — in Minutes! 

If you’re new to cooking risotto, begin with a recipe that captures the flavors of the classics. Our Four Cheese Tomato Risotto and Mushroom Chicken Risotto are both simple to put together (even on a weeknight!) and are guaranteed to please everyone at the table.  

Mushroom Chicken Risotto
Mushroom Chicken Risotto

Ready in just 15 minutes, Four Cheese Tomato Risotto combines Success® Boil-in-Bag White Rice with cheese-spiked tomato sauce, a splash of white wine and Parmesan. Perfect as a side dish to grilled chicken or sautéed shrimp, this dish is also hearty enough to stand on its own.  

Meanwhile, with tender chunks of chicken cooked right in, our Mushroom Chicken Risotto is a complete meal in one. A recipe that relies on risotto’s most familiar flavors — chicken broth, white wine and Parmesan — this one also includes earthy mushrooms for a winning combo.  

Get Creative 

Family-friendly and easy to whip up, risotto gives any home cook the chance to get creative! Do a deep dive in the fridge and you might find veggies or leftover proteins you can use to make something new.  

Delicious as is, our Quinoa Risotto is also an easy recipe to dress up with a host of tasty add-ins. The surprising swap of rice for Success® Tri-Color Quinoa gives this recipe a deeply nutty taste, plus additional protein, fiber and essential amino acids. To serve this as a main, sauté any fresh vegetables you have on hand, such as mushrooms, leeks, snap peas or broccoli, along with the shallot and garlic.  

Seasonal Stars 

Risotto is also a great way to enjoy a wealth of seasonal flavors. While you might add asparagus in spring or ripe tomatoes in summer, we think autumn and winter are the perfect time for our Baked Pumpkin Sage Risotto and our Sweet Potato Walnut Risotto.  

Pumpkin Sage Risotto
Baked Pumpkin Sage Risotto

A dish that puts your oven to work in two ways — roasting pumpkin and baking seasoned Success® Boil-in-Bag White Rice to tender perfection — Baked Pumpkin Sage Risotto is unlike traditional risotto recipes. This dish may take a little more prep than others, but the warm, fragrant results are well worth the extra minutes of anticipation. 

Another seasonal stunner, Sweet Potato Walnut Risotto is rich, comforting and —dare we say it? — utterly irresistible! Velvety mascarpone cheese and crunchy walnuts, savoury sage, nutty Success® Boil-In-Bag Brown Rice, and pops of sweet potato land this recipe squarely in the “for-company” category. Since it’s ready in just 35 minutes, though, we wouldn’t be surprised if you turn every night into a celebration by serving this winning dish.