When recipes double as great gifts, it’s a win-win for everyone during the busiest season of the year. A time when family, fun — and food! — rank high on people’s must-have lists, the holidays are the best time to make food gifts that satisfy, and that bring cheer to family and friends.

Why give the gift of delectable recipes? Budget-friendly and endlessly creative, food gifts can get the whole family involved, meaning quality time spent together creating something from the heart. Recipients, meanwhile, benefit from tasty treats guaranteed to save them time down the road.     

We recommend gifting comfort food and desserts that are sturdy, and that can be safely packed for travel. You’ll also want to focus on dishes that feel festive, and that feed a crowd. The recipes we love to gift are also simple to make and deliver a wealth of delicious flavors! Trust us, with Success® Rice in your kitchen, you can have your calmest, and tastiest, holiday season yet.

Make Your List, Check it Twice!

When you have a gift-list as long as your arm, it’s best to divide it into categories. Start with family, then include friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. You can then decide which recipe best suits each recipient. Depending on how well you know someone, you’ll want a more lavish dish or a smaller treat. 

You might also want to check your social calendar for any gatherings or dinner parties you’ll be attending over the next month, or so. Surprise your host or hostess with a spectacular homemade treat — like our Fruit Tart with Success® Boil-in-Bag White Rice — and you’re guaranteed a repeat invitation!

hand grabbing a pizza quinoa bite with marinara
Quinoa Pizza Bites

Choose the Right Gift For The Right Recipient

Whether you need gifts for five people or 15, Success® Rice has you covered. Ready in just 10 minutes, our quality, pre-cooked Boil-in-Bag rice means no mess or measuring while cooking. Best of all? You can expect perfect, fluffy results, every single time. With oodles of sweet and savory recipes to try out, you can also cater your gifts to what your recipients prefer.

Staying with relatives for the holidays? Save your host precious time by contributing to a breakfast or brunch spread with a batch of Ham, Cheese and Zucchini Breakfast Cups. Made with our Boil-in-Bag Tri-Colour Quinoa, these tasty, gluten-free bites have plenty of protein to help everyone power through their day. Once they’re baked, they can be stored all week in the fridge. Or your host might opt to stash them in the freezer until they come to the rescue on a frenzied holiday morning!

Alternatively, Quinoa Pizza Bites make perfect happy-hour companions. They’re also easy to customize with everyone’s favorite pizza toppings. Instead of pepperoni, try prosciutto or ham. Add mushrooms, red peppers, or olives for added layers of flavor. Best of all, with 18 bites in one batch, there’s plenty to go around!

Need a smaller gift? Whip up some Pine Nut Strawberry Rice Bars in just 35 minutes and divide them between a few people. Whether you gift six, 12, or all 24 of these bars at once, each berry-full bite is sure to be met with a smile.

Pine Nut Strawberry Rice Bars

Tips for Transporting Food Gifts

The type of dish you give as a gift will dictate the type of packaging you will need. You’ll also want to choose the right recipe for the right distance. Popping by to see grandma? Portion out a recipe of Cherried Rice Pudding into mason jars and she’ll have treats for days!

If you’ll be mailing an edible gift, though, you’ll want to select a sturdy recipe that will arrive safely even with lighter packaging. Remember those strawberry-flecked bars? They’re great in a tin, divided with parchment paper, and topped with cardboard or corrugated paper, to prevent shifting.

Our Old-Fashioned Baked Rice Pudding, made with Success® Boil-in-Bag White Rice, is just the thing to make for relatives — whether they live around the block or in the next state. Cut into squares, this recipe is delicious cold, and is sturdy enough not to fall apart if you hit any potholes!

Old-Fashioned Baked Rice Pudding

Get Creative!

You can never have enough recipes for simple dishes that satisfy. Take a look around the Success® Rice website for more foods that make terrific gifts. Roll up your sleeves and make a showstopper, like our Pumpkin Mousse Pie with Rice Crust. Or, keep things simple with comforting, cinnamon-scented Carrot Cake Quinoa Muffins. Either way, when you embrace the season of gift-giving with Success® Rice, you’re guaranteed a kitchen-full of winning dishes that make perfect gifts.