The beginning of the year is always filled with predictions about new food trends that will take off! We’ve got a few for 2022 ranging from using certain ingredients to trying alternative cooking methods, all the way to exploring new flavors in the kitchen. And while there will most certainly be some buzz around trends we won’t see coming, here are some foodie-inspired recipes and culinary creation drivers that will surely gain some traction in the new year. 

Having Fun with Pizza Toppings

We all know and love pizza, and not many dinner plans can shadow pizza night, right? This year, it may not be enough to make your own homemade pizza and you might just start craving a few topping ideas beyond classic Margherita or pepperoni. Here are a few deliciously elevated topping ideas for foodies to try in 2022:

  • Flavored oils: A good drizzle of olive oil over melty cheese is a classic flavor enhancer, but flavor infused oils can really step up your pizza game. Try using different infused oils like truffle oil or chili oil.
  • Leafy greens: Tossed on before or after baking, greens are making their way onto pizza, especially now that more people are looking for veggie-forward or plant-based alternatives. Start with options like kale and arugula for a flavorful bite!
  • Soft cheeses: We aren’t just talking about mozzarella, Italian soft cheeses have gained popularity as pizza toppings. Have you tried burrata, mascarpone or ricotta yet?
  • Charcuterie and cured meats: Meat toppings are going beyond bacon, ham and sausage, and new picks like prosciutto, pancetta, salami or pastrami are more in vogue. Top your homemade pizza with any leftovers from your latest charcuterie board.
  • Caramelized onions: Sweet and saucy, it’s no wonder caramelized toppings like onions have become a new pizza favorite. Pair them with your favorite cheese and enjoy!
  • Mushrooms: While mushroom pizza may not be so surprising, this year swap in regular white button mushrooms for other types such as cremini, portobello, shiitake, enoki or oyster mushrooms for a more sophisticated taste and yummy umami flavors.

Crust Recipe Ideas: If you are looking for a Gluten Free pizza crust recipe, we’ve got you covered. Try our crusts with rice or quinoa and cauliflower pizza, and enjoy a homemade crispy base to personalize with your favorite toppings!

DIY Infused Oil Ideas: We suggest using quality oils like extra virgin olive oil or a milder option like canola oil. Wash your “add-ins” (citrus peels, herbs, peppers, etc.) and then dry them thoroughly. Combine the oil and ingredients in a saucepan on medium-low heat, and cook to nearly a simmer. Let the oil cool, and then strain out the ingredients before bottling the infused oil. Store in a sealed container in a cool and dark place for a few months.

Deep-diving into Mexican Cuisine

Anticipated trends for 2022 showcase a rising interest in authentic Mexican cuisine. More than just Tex Mex or adding chiles to food, we’re talking about a deep dive into traditional recipes and the regional flavors from Veracruz, Sinaloa and Sonorama, to name a few Mexican cities. 

Traditional Dishes

Chiles Rellenos is one of those recipes that you may haven’t seen in your favorite restaurant menu or cantina, but is a staple in many households. The traditional recipe consists of whole green chiles roasted and stuffed with cheese, served over rice. 

Beef and Rice Chile Relleno Casserole

Chiles are steamed in the same pot where the rice is cooked along with Oaxaca cheese making for a dish infused with a distinctive aroma and taste. Our take on this classic is loaded with black beans, corn, ground beef and veggies and turned into a dump and bake casserole that will satisfy the entire family.

Ethnic Ingredients

The secret behind getting those authentic flavors is to use the same ingredients that are used locally. Tomatillos are a tomato variety that is key in Mexican cuisine. They are used in sauces and stews and will add that local twist people will be looking for this 2022. Grab a few from your local supermarket, if possible, to make your own salsa. If not, try using a jar of tomatillo salsa to whip up this Green Chicken Chili with Success® Basmati Rice.

Regional Twists

If you’ve ever savored crispy chimichangas – or deep fried burritos – dipped in guacamole or queso sauce, then you’ve tried authentic flavors from Sinaloa and Sonora. Although there’s some debate on the origins of this dish, it is a very popular street food in Mexico. Try it yourself at home by whipping up these Kale Chimichangas with a hearty dose of quinoa in the stuffing.

Quick and Easy Arroz a la Tumbado with Shrimp and Brown Rice

Or, for a taste of Veracruz, this Arroz a la Tumbada is our top pick! This emblematic dish combines white rice with fresh seafood and a splash of citrus. During la fiesta de Las Cruces, people gather together to prepare the world’s biggest rice and seafood dish. Have you heard of this tradition before? 

Switching Leftovers Up

More than ever, people are jumping onto the sustainability train and looking for ways to go green. Reducing waste is one of the many environmentally friendly actions that can easily be part of everyone’s routine. Preventing food waste by repurposing leftovers is just simple enough for more people to start in 2022. So, if you want to start, here are some tips and tricks to try.

Using Every Part of Broccoli

Most broccoli stalks are usually thrown away, however, believe it or not, every part of this plant is edible, not just the florets. For an innovative way to repurpose the stem, this Warm Air-Fryer Quinoa Salad is a delicious recipe to keep on your radar. Peel and chop remaining parts of the broccoli, season with oil and salt and cook in batches in the air fryer until golden, crispy and tender. Toss with the rest of the salad ingredients and enjoy!

Warm Air-Fryer Broccoli Quinoa Salad

Trends Radar: Air Fryer cooking was a huge food trend in 2021. If you have one at home, try this delicious Crispy Eggplant and Tomato Rice Bowl and cook eggplant in your cooking appliance instead of baking or deep-frying for that crunchy coating.

Repurposing Vegetable Odds and Ends

Before you throw away those peels, leftover chunks from other recipes, or ripening veggies, check out our suggestions below to use up those odds and ends – recipe suggestions included!

  • Simmer them in water with seasonings. Make a rich homemade broth using every part of the vegetables (including the ends, stems and leaves from larger vegetables like cauliflower).
  • Cook through in soups and casseroles, unappealing or wonky vegetables are equally delicious (just make sure they aren’t overly ripe or gone bad!). Instead of preparing typical broth, make your own French-inspired Consommé that has been clarified for a crystal clear appearance. Try it for a warm soup or to start your meal off and try something new! 
Chicken and Basmati Consommé
  • Bake the skin of vegetables like pumpkin or squash to make edible chips.
  • Infuse oil with leftover orange or lemon peel to enjoy over sliced bread, fried rice dishes, or use in sweet baked goods.
  • Combined with batter and fried to perfection, veggie trims are perfect for fritters and quiches.
  • Wilted greens are a great addition to homemade spreads and dips.

Indulging in Lavish Street-Food

Coming our way this new year, as many might not be able to travel across the globe, people are still discovering famous street food delicacies from all over the world. Seeking out exotic flavors is definitely a trend we are all excited for – which of these lavish options are you trying first?

  • Fish Tacos: With an ocean breeze from California, these fish tacos have made their way to food trucks worldwide. Serve fish along with fluffy white rice, adobo sauce, grilled corn and pickled red onions and roll in a corn tortilla for a tasty dinner meal.
  • Spring Rolls: Fresh and colorful, this Vietnamese delicacy is a culinary feast to enjoy as an appetizer, dinner or lunch. Serve with a peanut sauce for dipping and enjoy.
  • Shrimp Recipes with Rice.
Vegetarian Hearts of Palm “Ceviche” with Yuzu Mayonnaise
  • Ceviche: The Peruvian foodie scene wouldn’t be complete without a taste of a good fresh ceviche. Our take on this classic features more than the street food trend, as it’s also made with plant-based ingredients and a citrus mayonnaise made with yuzu – a hot ingredient in 2021.
  • Taquitos: Tacos are probably the most famous street food out there. Taquitos are crisp-fried rolled tacos that can be served either smothered or with some guacamole, salsa or sour cream on the side. This vegetarian take can be baked or cooked in the air fryer. 

While food trends are just predictions, there is one thing for certain: we don’t need an excuse to challenge our foodie curiosity and create something delicious in the kitchen! Get inspired by these and don’t let your guard down, the new year is probably going to be filled with more amazing dishes to discover, cooking hacks to try, and innovative ingredients to cook with.