20 servings
25 mins

Blue Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

Savory, creamy Blue Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms made with Success® Brown Rice, red peppers, butter and heavy cream are a crowd-pleasing way to start any party!

2-4 servings
5 mins

Four Cheese Tomato Risotto

This quick and easy Four Cheese Tomato Risotto is made with our 10-minute Success® White Rice. Try it today and make it a risotto night!

2-4 servings
15 mins

Whole Grain Spanish Rice

With brown rice, vegetables, cumin, tomato sauce and cilantro, this quick recipe for homemade Whole Grain Spanish Rice is better than any boxed variety!

Bourbon Raisin and Basmati Rice Pudding
6-8 servings
20 mins

Bourbon Raisin and Basmati Rice Pudding

This distinguished rice pudding is made with bourbon-soaked raisins, our Success® Basmati Rice, a touch of cinnamon and fresh orange.

4 servings
10 mins

Fruit and Granola Parfait

Our Fruit and Granola Parfaits with brown rice are a perfect, gluten-free breakfast. Prep them the night before and enjoy a filling on-the-go meal with loads…

4-6 servings
30 mins

Broccoli and Cheese Rice Casserole

This quick and easy Broccoli and Cheese Rice Casserole is made with a delicious combination of our Success® Boil-in-Bag Rice, Cheddar cheese, cream of…

3-4 servings
15 mins

Garden Rice Salad

Try this fresh Garden Rice Salad with brown rice and enjoy the combination of thinly-sliced cucumbers, chunks of tomato and a tasty, homemade, Asian-inspired…

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