12 servings
35 mins

Quinoa Salmon Cakes

These Quinoa Salmon Cakes make a lovely light dinner any night of the week or shape them into mini patties for a crowd-pleasing appetizer.

4 servings
35 mins

Fish Tacos

The whole family will love these hearty Fish Tacos for dinner any night of the week. Alternatively, roll up ingredients in tortillas and serve as burritos.

4 servings
20 mins

Peppered Seared Tuna (Poke) and Rice

Switch up the average recipe for a Hawaiian Poke Bowl by trying this dish with peppered seared tuna and Success Garden & Grains™

4 servings
30 mins

Baja Fish Tacos with Cilantro Cream

With corn tortillas and homemade cilantro cream, these Baja Fish Tacos are made with Success Garden & Grains™ with added veggies, corn and black beans….

4 servings
30 mins

Chimichurri Shrimp and Rice

In this recipe, shrimp is paired with Success® White Rice and chimichurri, an Argentinian herb sauce that’s fresh and zesty, for a perfect special occasion…

4 servings
35 mins

New Orleans Gumbo

This New Orleans Gumbo made with shrimp and chorizo, is packed with Cajun flavors and is sure to spice up weeknight dinnertime. Serve this with Success® White…

4 servings
55 mins

Coconut Cod and Rice Chowder

Fish chowder gets a fresh, aromatic makeover with vibrant turmeric and creamy coconut milk in our Coconut Cod and Rice Chowder Recipe.

4 servings
20 mins

Spicy Tuna Bowl

Quick and easy but packed with flavor, this colorful Spicy Tuna Bowl is a perfect work-from-home lunch. Try it with Success® Tri-Color Quinoa, today!

4 servings
25 mins

Lime-Ginger Shrimp Fried Rice

With a delicious combination of bok choy, ginger and mango, this zesty, Asian-inspired shrimp fried rice is sure to become a weekly favorite.

4 servings
20 mins

Cuban Shrimp & Rice Tacos

These shrimp, black bean and jasmine rice tacos with the tastes of Cuban mojo sauce, make a tasty weeknight meal that’s fast to prepare and bursting with…

okra soup
4-6 servings
40 mins

Okro Soup (Liberian Okra Soup)

Recipe by Deddeh Howard (@secretofdd) Okro soup is made with okra vegetables cooked in a delicious mixture of oil, shrimps, goat meat, fish and African…

Roasted red pepper rice with basil, shrimp and Alfredo
4 servings
15 mins

Shrimp, Basil, Roasted Red Pepper and Rice Alfredo

All you need to make this creamy Basil, Roasted Red Pepper and Rice Alfredo dish are a few fresh ingredients and 15 minutes in the kitchen. Easy as can be,…

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