31 minutes or more

Apple and Walnut Stuffing
4 servings
35 mins

Apple Walnut Stuffing

A classic rich dressing is the perfect addition to the holiday table. This GlutenFree recipe is right for everyone!

Creamed Spinach and Rice Casserole
4 servings
35 mins

Creamed Spinach and Rice Casserole

This casserole made with Success® Rice is a delicious way to get your greens. This is comfort food at its best!

Cheesy Leftover Bake
4 servings
35 mins

Cheesy Italian Leftover Rice Bake

Prepared with ricotta and pesto, this flavorful casserole bake is a great way to use up refrigerator leftovers.

Hawaiian foster rice pudding
4 servings
40 mins

Hawaiian Rice Pudding

This Hawaiian-inspired tropical rice pudding is bursting with coconut, banana, and pineapple flavors. It makes a perfectly indulgent breakfast or dessert.

Taco platter with everything and spicy rice
6 servings
35 mins (+ 2 hrs 10 mins standing time)

Taco Platter with Grilled Lime-Jalapeño Steak and Spicy Rice and Beans

Perfect for casual entertaining, this festive Mexican-inspired platter can be served as a satisfying main or appetizer.

4 servings
55 mins

Chicken and Basmati Consommé

A consommé is a broth that has been clarified for a crystal clear appearance. Try it for a warm soup in this recipe with Basmati rice and chicken.

4 servings
35 mins

Black Bean, Quinoa and Feta Burgers

Loaded with delicious flavors, this homemade veggie burger has a satisfying meaty texture from the combination of quinoa, walnuts and feta cheese.

4 servings
20 mins (+ 10 mins Chilling Time)

Hearts of Palm “Ceviche” with Yuzu Mayonnaise

Served over fragrant jasmine Rice, this seafood-free take on Ceviche with Hearts of Palm and Yuzu Mayonnaise is deliciously tangy and easy to make.

6 to 8 servings
35 mins (+ 10 mins Standing Time)

Kung Pao Yuzu Cauliflower Bowls

Cauliflower florets star in this vegetarian take on Kung Pao and jasmine rice, spiked with tangy yuzu juice, dried chili peppers and Szechuan peppers.

4 servings
45 mins

Thanksgiving Feast Stuffed Peppers

Leftover Thanksgiving dinner is mixed with rice for tasty stuffed peppers that make a quick and easy post-holiday dinner. Serve with a fresh green salad.

4 servings
45 mins

One-Pot Greek Eggplant Rice

With satisfying eggplant, this vegetarian One-Pot Greek Eggplant with Rice with zesty Greek flavors is sure to please the entire family. Try with Success®…

One Pot Mexican Rice Casserole
4 servings
50 mins

One-Pot Mexican Rice Casserole

This One-Pot Mexican Rice Casserole includes lots of veggies and is baked with an ooey-gooey cheese topping.

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