The quality rice or quinoa for the busy life.

The name says it all.

Success® Rice is the no measure, no mess, original boil-in-bag rice that’s guaranteed perfect every time. And perfect for busy people like you.

In fact, with perfectly fluffy rice and quinoa being so easy to make, you may start to wonder what else you can do perfectly. Sudoku? Bungee jumping? Hot yoga? (Maybe that’s a discussion for another time.)

One taste and you’ll understand why we say, “Success is in the bag®.”

Success® Rice from the start.

1977. That’s the year Texas-based Riviana Foods Inc. introduced Success® Rice, the world’s very first boil-in-bag rice. Today Success® is the only national brand to offer tri-color quinoa in a convenient boil-in-bag.

And while it only takes 10 minutes from pot to plate, there’s no sacrificing quality any step of the way. So no matter how hectic life may become, you can count on a delicious base for a recipe or scrumptious side dish in no time.

Quality made goof-proof.

You can’t fake quality. Our recipe for Success® Rice is based on the fact that we don’t settle for anything less. We’re a bit fanatical about sourcing and preparing the perfect rice for our boil-in-bag offering, and the proof is in the (rice) pudding.

After our high-quality White and Brown Rice is harvested, we parboil it: we soak it in water, steam it, then dry it. The heat and pressure firm up the rice and transfer nutrients from the bran to the grains, giving our rice a great bite and a nutritional boost in addition to a shorter cooking time. Win-win-win!

We know you love good food, but don’t always have the time to devote to a 40-minute or even 20-minute meal. Fear not. Success® Rice delivers the taste you love and the quality you deserve in half or less of the time. All thanks to our parboiling process for quicker cooking and our brilliant, goof-proof boil-in-bag.

Take your time. We’ll wait.

One thing you may not know about Success® White and Brown Rice is that its BPA-free, perforated boil-in-bag can sit in warm water for up to 30 minutes after cooking, no problem. You won’t lose a tad of taste. This is especially handy when another component of your meal is taking longer to cook than you had anticipated; you can relax, the rice is just fine.

Aren’t choices delicious?

Success® thinks so. Be sure to try all of our tasty varieties: White Rice, Brown Rice, Basmati Rice, Thai Jasmine Rice and our newest, protein-packed addition, nutritious Quinoa.

Make your old family favorites quicker, tastier and more nourishing with our White and Brown Rice. Spruce up a salad or lay a delicious base for a wholesome burrito bowl with our quinoa. Complement your Asian favorites with our fragrant Jasmine Rice or make Basmati Rice the star with a crispy, comforting Persian tahdig. What will you try today?

Dive into one of our delicious varieties tonight and remember, Success is in the bag®.